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Interactive Fiction



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The Windows app displays an error message: "Unable to load libSkiaSharp library!"

The Windows version of Meanwhile requires Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015. Install this component from Microsoft and the app will work.

(If you install Meanwhile using Steam, this component will be installed automatically.)

Interactive Fiction

Every time I try to select text in the story window (by tapping and holding on a paragraph), the app crashes.

This bug appears to be triggered if you have the "Speak Selection" preference turned on. (Settings, General, Accessibility, Speak Selection.) Turning off this preference will prevent the crash. I will try to fix this in future releases.

iOS keeps auto-correcting my commands to words I do not want.

This is a nuisance, all right. Unfortunately, I can’t just fill the auto-correction dictionary with IF-specific words. iOS doesn’t support that sort of thing.

IF input line with 'ne' being autocorrected to 'he'

You can turn off auto-correction entirely by going to the “Settings” tab in the app. However, auto-correction is usually more right than wrong, I find. Remember that if you want to cancel a particular correction, you can tap the pop-up label. The little × is a close box, secretly.

Over time, playing The Dreamhold will train the iOS dictionary to accept common IF words. Or, at least, complain about them less often.